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Looking for a new way to propose to the love of your life? Want this day to be magical and unforgettable ? you are reading the right article… Asfar yachts introduce the ‘specials’ for the special occasions and special ones. Express your love on a magical yacht rental Dubai featuring the beautiful landscapes and live the moment you have always dreamed of. 


What are the specials? 

From the name of the service you can easily guess what it is going to be but, we always manage to surprise our customers with more than they expect. Introducing our special anniversary and love proposal packages on 2 different Asfar special yachts, you can choose the one for you and hear the ‘Yes’ she is going to say! Introducing the anniversary and love proposal package on sunrise 52 FT. and the anniversary and love proposal packages on Asfar Three 56FT. 

Special Dubai Yacht
  • The anniversary and love proposal package on sunrise 52ft:

If you are planning to propose in Dubai, let it be special and a romantic heaven for your partner. You can arrange with us everything you have in mind regarding that day with all the details and we can plan it perfectly for you. In addition to, celebrating your anniversary, love is a beautiful feeling that has to be forever cherished. Make your anniversary/proposal unforgettable with Asfar Yachts by adding all the necessary decorations and the romantic mood. 

We provide 3 different options for the offer depending on your personal preference and request.


Specia Yacht Rental

What are the 3 options? 


Option 1:

  • a two hour luxury cruise on the Sunrise 52FT yacht with an additional fee for an extra hour.
  • A luxurious arrival! Pick up and drop off by a (Bentley) in the Dubai area.
  • Surprise your loved one with the Bouquet of red roses you will find on the yacht charter.
  • Petals make everything more romantic. we provide rose petals scattered in the whole yacht.
  • Arrive fancy, without red carpet arrival
  • A romantic background music to keep your day special
  • Sparkling drinks to enjoy your time and cherish your moments together
  • A cake for the celebration
  • Balloons all over the yacht to take the best pictures!

Option 2: 


  • Two hour luxury cruise on the Sunrise 52FT. yacht with an additional charge for the extra hour.
  • A magical bouquet of red roses
  • Extra romance with the scattered rose petals around the yacht
  • Red carpet elegant arrival
  • Romantic background music
  • Sparkling drinks of your choice
  • A cake to celebrate your proposal/anniversary
  • A beautiful balloons collection

Option 3: 


  • a two hour luxury cruise on the Sunrise 52FT yacht with an additional fee for an extra hour.
  • Bouquet of red roses
  • Prestigious arrival on the red carpet
  • A celebration cake and balloons
  • Drinks according to your preferences.


Book  your special love package

Nothing is more beautiful than expressing your love in a unique way. Make this memorable and book the special love package now with us, you can contact us for further details or checkout our website and see other beautiful couples enjoying their precious occasion. Book with Asfar yachts for the best yacht rental in Dubai