Dubai Marina Cruises Services

Monday, 08-Jun-2020 Explore

Bored of traditional vacations? Want to try something new? Going on a cruise is the perfect match for you, featuring our luxurious services we promise you an unforgettable experience that will stick in your memory for a long time. Introducing our services on the cruise to guarantee your comfort and enjoyment, water sports, luxurious catering and all your transfers are on us. Let’s walk you through our services in our Dubai marina cruises. 


How can we reach the cruise? 

This is a common question on how you are going to come on board, well the surprise is that you can easily reach the Dubai cruise but not only this but also in style! Introducing our 2 ways to start your vacation. The first in our stretched limo and the other on is our luxury transfers. 


Stretched Limo service

Simply it’s starting your vacation right, we offer you to arrive in style with our variety of stretched limos. You can book your favorite limo and we will be bringing it right to you. If you are going to spend a new vacation then it should be new from all perspectives, right? 


Luxury transfers services 

Impressing your loved one is a hard game but, we can help you to make this trip unforgettable and elegant for both of you. Introducing our luxurious pick up services will impress your loved ones and make the cruise a lot more prestigious and impressive. 


What kind of water sports do you offer? 

We offer a wide range of water sports on board where you can enjoy your time and have fun featuring the magical views and sights of Dubai. We offer you 4 different water activities for you and your family, water slide, jet ski rental, Dubai donut ride and banana boat ride Dubai. These activities will ensure you and your family will have plenty of fun on board! Let’s explore each activity. 


The water slide 

Water slides is one of the most innovative activities in Dubai, we brought it right to your cruise! You can add it to your Dubai yacht charter and make it more special. Adding the water slide will fill your cruise with laughter and fun accompanied by your favorite water toys to complement the slide too. 


Jet ski rental 

If you are adventurous and looking to make your trip pop with adrenaline, then jet ski rental is your go to! Enjoy the excitement of these machines turning at very high speeds and enjoy the adventure with your family. Adding a jet ski to your cruise will guarantee you have the maximum out of this trip. Contact us for the best ski Dubai offers and you can ask about the jet ski Dubai price and choose the suitable one for you. 

Dubai donut ride 

The Dubai donut ride is one of the most common water sports and we can ensure it is very exciting for you and your family. Make your venue special and add the donut ride to your Dubai yacht charter and get the best out of this trip by experiencing the thrilling feeling of water activities and make your cruise a one of a kind one. 


Banana boat ride Dubai 

Our last water activity service is the banana boat which is very common and the most popular kind of water sports. This activity is preferred nearly by all ages and that is what makes it so special and common compared to other water sports. The banana boat ride gives you the thrill of high speed and fun in the water too where you can swim or just relax after your ride is over. Add the banana boat ride to your cruise with the best marina boat prices and make it special! 


How to book these services? 

Booking these services is very easy, once you take the decision to book with us your Dubai marina cruise you can easily add any service we provide. Explore our services through our website and pick whatever you see will make your trip memorable and we will manage to provide it to you professionally. Pick your Dubai yacht charter and contact us for more information about Dubai yacht rental prices and we will be glade to help you out and be a part to make this cruise memorable.