Water sports

Friday, 29-May-2020 Explore

 Water sports is an adventurous kind of fun, if you are a water sports fan then, Asfar yachts is your go-to! Introducing our variety of water sports that you can add to your yacht charter and make your cruise 100X better. Feel that adrenaline rush while enjoying our water activities, you can choose between the 4 services we have and add it to your cruise. The water sports include water slide, jet ski rental, Dubai donut ride and finally the famous banana boat! 


The water slide

The water slide is one of the best water activities you can add to your yacht or boat charter. Why? We will tell you; the water slide is simply a slide that is connected to the yacht/boat and slides you into the water. The laughs and smiles are infinite in this activity because it’s suitable for all ages and you can also add water toys to your children to make it even better. 

water sports

Jet ski

Jet ski is the most common and popular type of water sports but, imagine adding it next to your cruise it would be a lot better, right? You can easily experience jet skiing Dubai and you will not regret the experience! Add the jet ski to your charter and enjoy the high speed of these machines boosting you thrill to the maximum. 


Dubai donut ride

Donut ride? Sounds weird right... but this is one of the best water sports you’ll ever come across! According to the feedback from a lot of Asfar yacht’s customer, the donut ride was the most preferred activity specially from families because the donut shape allows you to enjoy the fun with your family in the same time. Your kids will love it because it’s not scary but also gives them the kind of fun they are looking for. Add the donut ride to your charter and make your cruise unforgettable. 

Banana boat Dubai

The banana boat is the most common and famous kind of water sports and nearly everyone has had the chance to try it. The banana boat goes at a high speed then drops you to enjoy the freshness of the water and swim if you prefer too but, of course the process is done by an expert and with a lot of caution to ensure your safety. Book this additional service to add it to your charter and at Asfar yachts you’ll find the best Dubai marina boat ride price. 


How to add these services? 

Simply all of the water sports are a part of Asfar yacht’s additional services that you can add to your yacht/boat charter to make your cruise more special. Adding the water sports can be done by booking with us previously and choosing the activity you’d like to add, you can also visit our website to have a look on the thrilling pictures of other customers enjoying these services. Book your water sport now with Asfar yachts with the best prices in Dubai and don’t miss out the best part of the cruise, contact us for further details.