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This is a different type of our normal cruises, for ocean lovers get ready for the cruise that is specially tailored for you! Our luxury yachts feature a variety of cruises but, this cruise is specially designed for people who love fishing. Fishing in Dubai is a different kind of fun and at Asfar yachts our main priority is to provide our customers all types of cruises they want and give them the best out of their trip with us. Let’s get to know more about our Fishing Cruise


The fishing cruise: 

The fishing cruise mainly is about fishing all the different types of fish in Dubai’s rich sea. Fishing is not everyone’s hobby but, our cruise will change your mind , featuring the magical sea view and our luxurious services offered on the cruise you will live an unforgettable experience. The cruise can be solo or in a group this depends on your own preference of course. Experts will be there on board to provide you all the help needed during the cruise and giving you information about deep sea fishing

Luxury cruises Dubai

What are the cruises equipment? 

This kind of activity requires a lot of experience and requires the yacht/boat itself to be fully equipped with all the needed equipment. At Asfar Yachts we insist on providing you a luxurious service, we offer you a group of expertise to help you in the process. Our boats are purpose built for fishing, and we offer Asfar one 32FT and Asfar two 36FT. our boats will drive you to the best fishing spots in Dubai to make sure you catch all types of fish! 


What are the services on the cruise? 

We offer you plenty of services that are definitely needed for this type of cruise to make your cruise unforgettable and live the best moments with your family, friends or even alone! We offer 7 services on board and the go as follows: 

  • Professional captain and crew: as mentioned before the crew will be on board to teach you the right techniques and answer all your questions and provide the needed assistance.
  • Unlimited soft drinks, water & ice: of course, this is the type of cruise where you exert a lot of effort, so we provide you all the refreshments you need to keep it fresh! 
  • Fresh towels: towels are available if needed due to the water and fishing. 
  • Fishing equipment: you don’t need to worry about any equipment you just decide, and all the needed equipment will be available on board. 
  • Safety equipment: safety measure are taken very seriously in our company; all the safety equipment will be provided on board. 
  • Insurance for all guests on board: to make sure no harm will happen to any of our guests, insurance is provided to make the cruise safer. 


How can we book the cruise? 

If you decided to pamper yourself or your family, booking is very easy. You can book through our website or call center your luxurious cruise. we provide all the information needed, luxury cruise rental prices, services and any information you want to ask about. Book your fishing cruise exclusively with Asfar yachts now!