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Monday, 08-Jun-2020 Explore

 Our series of luxury cruises haven’t ended yet... we have a lot of surprises and luxurious cruises for our clients! Are you a party lover? If yes then, this cruise if the perfect match for you! Want to know why? Because this cruise is specially tailored for party-lovers featuring our luxurious services, we promise this is not your ordinary kind of party. Asfar yachts are excited to announce our party cruise facilities so let’s know more… 


The party cruise:

From the cruise’s name you can already feel the good vibes, right? Our amazing party cruise are specially made for giving our guests their best time on board. Featuring the amazing landmarks of Dubai and the sea you will enjoy your party. With the best route we created for you across dubai’s ocean we promise you a magical experience. Asfar yachts also introduce our variety of luxurious services at your disposal to make sure everything you need is available on board. We offer you a variety of white yachts that fits all kind of parties. 

Our services: 

What is a party without decoration and entertainment? Our main priority is your comfort and that is why we provide additional services with an additional fee to make sure everything is going like you imagined. Our services are mainly 8 services, you can choose the additional service according to the kind of party you are having. 

  1. Catering: we will make sure everything is served correctly and quickly to you and your guests to avoid any discomfort and make this day only about having fun. 
  2. Floral and decorations: we can decorate the yacht according to your choice and depending on the type of party you are going to have. If it’s an engagement or romantic parties then floral decoration will be out go-to if another type then fashionable decoration will be our go-to. 
  3. Photographer and videographer: to capture all your fun moments, we provide you professional photographers with professional equipment. 
  4. Red carpet arrival: having a yacht party requires a special arrival, we provide you red carpet on arrival to make your arrival fancy. 
  5. Luxury transportation: get to the Dubai marina in style featuring our variety of luxurious limos. 
  6. Birthday cakes: if it’s a birthday you just bring your friends and everything else in us, we can provide you the birthday cake according to your choice. 
  7. Water sports: give your party a hype and add to your yacht charter some water sports and activities and make it extra special one! 
  8. Entertainment: any kind of entertainment you’d need, we are there for you. Add your favorite music to the DJ and party your own way. A range of other entertainment is offerd like, belly dancers, solo singers and a lot more. 


Book the party cruise: 

The party cruise is one of our special cruises because gives you a whole different kind of entertainment. Party in style and don’t miss the chance to live the time of your life and have the best memories with your loved ones! Book through our website or you can contact us for further details about our luxurious yachts. What are you waiting for? Book now and let’s party!