Dubai Yacht Tourism

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What is yacht tourism?

Yacht tourism is a kind of tourism that involves sightseeing but on a yacht. It is considered a different type pf tourism however; it has showed a great impact on the tourism industry and, its preferred nowadays more than normal tourism methods. 

History of yacht tourism in Dubai:

Yacht tourism is a phenomenon with an increased popularity worldwide throughout the past years. It was first introduced in 1960’s where they were using a simple wooden boats with rowing oars called “ Rowing Abras” this was the simplest and the first marine-kind tourism ever introduced in Dubai.

Who is the target market of yacht tourism?

 Yacht tourism was initially introduced as an only elite kind of leisure and a huge entertainment. Nowadays, it has become reasonable even for the middle class and a lot of people started choosing yacht tourism over traditional tourism methods, as it is much more entertaining.

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Benefits of yacht tourism

Yacht tourism is considered as a flexible kind of tourism. Tourists spend time freely on the yachts heading to destination with whichever route they decide on. Tourists usually decide on the route based on the recreational activities that they will be involved in such as entertainment, amateur fishing, sunbathing, underwater exploration, relaxation, etc...

Leading to a unique experience, which intertwined the beauty of natural sights and complemented with superstructure services.


Importance of yacht tourism worldwide:

The investments of many countries in this type of tourism shed a light on the increase of the importance of yacht tourism and value acknowledged throughout the entire world having a huge economic contribution, which allowed countries to prosper in a controlled manner. As a result, specific marine routes were regarded as tourist attractions. The phenomenon also elucidates the availability of clean water areas and marines instead of hotels around shores, which are observed as “tourism pollution”. The main goal is to ensure the availability of activities related to sea to be available on all shores.


Why choose yacht tourism?

Yacht tourism is a magical experience that will leave you speechless, you get enjoy beautiful landscapes in Dubai featuring luxury service and quality time. Do not miss your chance to be a part of this experience and book with us your yacht now, maybe you will switch to yacht tourism too.