Winter Yacht Charter in Dubai You Must Try

Monday, 05-Feb-2018 Explore

When somebody says “winter in Dubai” they truly signify… “beaches, and water sports, yippee!”
We all appreciate winter much more than summer in the UAE, and wait for October – November, when the climate chills off and the water dons in Dubai season starts once more! As strange as it may sound, our winter exercises incorporate yacht parties, outdoors trips and other outside fun exercises in the sandpit.

Many of us completely adore water sports. So we chose to assemble our most loved choice of Dubai water games to appreciate both the wonderful climate and the crazy horizon our most loved insane city brings to the table.

Opt for the yacht slide ride in Dubai of great quality surely made for some great fun on water. You will get enjoyment that you can’t imagine from the shore and you will be definitely tempted to put foot on – this is an absolute MUST when it comes to water sports in Dubai this winter. You can rent a 52FT yacht for 10/15 people for 2-3 hours which will give you about 60 intense minutes for water slide – trust me, you won’t feel to leave it after that! When you begin, you actually can’t stop until your legs won’t convey you any longer.

When it comes to water sports or yacht charter in Dubai, this is really unique. Plus you will see the Dubai Marina, Hotel Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah, Hotel Burj Al Arab beautiful skyline, and back.

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